Local Executives

CUPE Local 4092
Denis Montpetit
Email: denis@local4092.ca

Michelle Duhaney
Vice President
Email: michelled@local4092.ca

Vittoria Primavera
Vice President
Email: vittoria@local4092.ca

Lillian Speedie-Court
Email: lillian@local4092.ca

Jinny Wong
Email: jinny@local4092.ca

Alison MacDonald
Vice President
Email: alisonm@local4092.ca

Laurent Roy
Email: laurent@local4092.ca

Tamara DiMaddalena
Vice President

Cynthia Kryszak
Vice President
Email: cynthia@local4092.ca

Secretary Treasurer

Amy Ng

Local Trustees

We at Local 4092 would like to announce and welcome our 3 new trustees:

Mark Tang

Da Hyen Lee

Joseph Yu

These 3 gentlemen will soon start shortly auditing past and present finances to ensure that everything has and will be done according to our Local By laws.

Trustee Reports

Local Trustee Reports
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