Local Executives

CUPE Local 4092
Denis Montpetit


Email: denis@local4092.ca

Michelle Duhaney
Vice President

Level 1 Base Grievances
Privitization Committee CUPE National
Crew Rest Committee

Email: michelled@local4092.ca

Vittoria Primavera
Vice President

Meal Grievances
Component Education Committee
Reserve Committee

Email: vittoria@local4092.ca

Lillian Speedie-Court
Vice President
Base Grievance Committee Level 1
Benefits Committee
Women's Committee
Communications & Website

Email: lillian@local4092.ca

Jinny Wong
Vice President

Health and Safety

Email: jinny@local4092.ca

Alison MacDonald
Vice President

Benefits Committee
Level 2 Grievances

Email: amacdonald@accomponent.ca

David Lee
Vice President

Email: david@local4092.ca

Kathryn Hoffman
Vice President

Email: kathryn@local4092.ca

Cynthia Kryszak
Vice President

Scheduling Grievances

Email: cynthia@local4092.ca

Secretary Treasurer

Laurent Roy

Member Database
Political Action & Mobilization

Email: laurent@local4092.ca

Local Trustees

We have three trustees :

Kelly Hughes

Grace Park

Mark Tang

Trustee Reports

Local Trustee Reports
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