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A company pays you for your labour, not so you can abdicate all moral responsibility.

By now, you’ve seen the video of a doctor being dragged off a United Airlines flight. For obvious reasons, it is upsetting. But the more insidiously upsetting thing is that we have become inured to one another: Human beings enforced the company’s rules (Continue)

Privitization Corner

The Canadian Infrastructure Bank
The Trudeau Liberals promised the bank would provide low-cost lending for municipal infrastructure projects. But once in power, the Liberal government shifted the CIB’s mandate, making it a “bank of privatization.” Now, it will allow private investors to profit from financing, as well as owning and operating, major infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure projects financed by the CIB will cost municipal governments far more than if they borrow the money themselves. This will mean less public funding for other public services, as well as higher user fees for residents.

The CIB is expected to start announcing its first projects this fall. Now is the time to warn municipal candidates and elected officials about the dangers of funding public infrastructure through the Canada Infrastructure Bank

CUPE’s National Contracting Out and Privatization Coordinating Committee believes this is an important national issue where we can make a difference. We need your help raising awareness with municipal elected officials and key staff, as well as with candidates for municipal office in your area.

You can start by sharing the enclosed fact sheets. CUPE can also provide a PowerPoint presentation with speaking notes to support your presentation. Talk with your CUPE and LabourCouncil colleagues about which elected officials need to hear this message. You may want to start with the friendly ones who will listen and speak up when needed, or you may just want to present as a delegation to Council.

CUPE has produced a one-minute video on the subject, fact sheets, and much more: all is available at http;/www.cupe.ca/not-for-sale

CUPE members passed Resolution 300 at our 2017 National Convention, committing CUPE to closely scrutinize any project proposed by the CIB, to reject private sector proposals to own, operate, and generate revenue from infrastructure, and to press for lower-cost, public lending, and predictable, long-term funding. By taking the actions suggested in this letter, you can help CUPE fulfill that mandate from its members.

For YUL based cabin crew members or those on a layover

If you are interested in attending a conference on keeping services public, please read the information below. Also, pass it on to anyone you would love to attend this very important event!

We're thrilled to announce the first of our confirmed speakers for The Future is Public!
Among those speaking are Miriam Planas, Cindy Blackstock, Avi Lewis, Larry Rousseau and Maude Barlow. For a full list and bios, visit the Future is Public programme page!
Of course, the main attraction of FiP will be the activists and researchers from many countries and parts of this one who will gather to build towards a collective vision for a successful pro-public movement!

The Future is Public: Building a pro-public movement for all will take place June 15-16 in Montreal. It's a chance for everyone who believes in sustainable future, equal opportunities, Indigenous sovereignty and social justice to gather and collaborate on building collective vision for our public services and a movement strong enough to make it a reality.
We hope to see you there!

Nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer la liste des conférenciers et conférencières qui prendront part à L'Avenir est public!
Parmi ces derniers, nous retrouverons Miriam Planas, Cindy Blackstock, Avi Lewis, Larry Rousseau et Maude Barlow!
Pour accéder à la liste complète des participants et de leurs biographies, vous pouvez visiter la page de notre programmation!
Évidemment, l'attraction principale de AeP demeure les activistes et les chercheurs issus de plusieurs pays et tous ceux qui participent à la construction d'une vision collective pour un mouvement pro-public prospère!

L'avenir est public: construire un mouvement pro-services publics, se tiendra les 15 et 16 juin à Montréal. C'est une opportunité pour tous ceux qui croient en un avenir durable, à l'égalité des chances, la souveraineté autochtone et la justice sociale - de se rassembler et de participer à bâtir une vision collective de nos services publics - et un mouvement assez fort pour en faire une réalité.
Nous espérons vous y voir!
Merci pour tout ce que vous faites pour les services publics,
de la part de tout le monde chez ASP.


Information on the Canada Infrastructure Bank

Click here to see a PowerPoint presentation entitled the the Canada Infrastructure Bank and the Perversities of Predatory Capital. This is of interest to our members as they need to know how the government is putting more and more money in privatization initiatives.

Please read the report by John Loxley titled " The Collapse of P3 Giant Carillion and Its Implications. This is an important report to read as the causes and consequences extend from the United Kingdom to Canada. For example, the airport cleaners who work in the Lester B. Pearson Airport are employed by Carillion. We all should be concerned.

Please read the article written by Sarah Ryan in March 2017 titled " Economics 101: Decoding Social Impact Bonds which is a new form of privatization that is allowing private investors to profit from social services under the guise of impact investing.

Read this report by Toby Sanger, Cupe National Economist, about how predatory private finance seized control of Canada's new infrastructure bank.

Here is the NATIONAL CONTRACTING OUT AND PRIVATIZATION COORDINATING COMMITTEE REPORT (NCCPC) presented at the 2017 National Convention. It is a detailed and comprehensive report the committee wrote about privatization about our findings from 2015 to 2017.

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