Leaves due to COVID & Government Benefits

Bill C-4 received Royal Assent on Friday, October 2, 2020, following passage in the Senate. We are pleased that this bill has been passed offering our members COVID-19 Leave options.

We were in regular communication with Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge as we heard from so many members who needed to know when the policy that aligns with these programs would be published. Air Canada has provided their official COVID-19 Leave policy and an FAQ document. These documents can be found on Aeronet in the HR Connex portal under the COVID-19 Mitigations Tab at the top of the page. The Air Canada Rouge policy will apparently mirror the Mainline policy and should be available soon. Your Union has followed up and will continue to do so until the policy is posted for all members.

If you intend to apply for the benefit provided by the Federal Government, it is important that you review the criteria of these benefits fully. We continue to work with CUPE National and are engaged in efforts to have a liaison with Employment and Social Development Canada who specialises in the unique nature of our workforce and to help navigate applications for these benefits. We will provide updates on this as soon as they are available to us.

If you have not already applied for the COVID-19 Leave, and you meet the eligibility requirements, you can do so by submitting a request through the eLeaves tool at Air Canada Mainline or by emailing Chelsea at askrouge@aircanada.ca if you are working at Air Canada Rouge. If you have any questions about this leave or the implications relating to pension, benefits, etc. we recommend that you read through the Q and A document as it is quite comprehensive. If you have remaining questions you can reach out to your Local Offic

Supreme Court Upholds Genetic Discrimination Law

. Canada's highest court has issued a ruling today upholding a federal law preventing third parties, such as employers and insurance companies, from demanding genetic information from individuals.

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court of Canada has decided the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act is a constitutional exercise of federal powers.

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