Health & Safety Committee

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Room EBS121 Ground level in the hallway by the elevator.

Michelle Duhaney - Chair

Meaghan Mroczek-Porato

Alison Macdonald - Ad Hoc

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Our Mandate
We are here to keep our workplace safe and healthy.
As your Health and Safety Representatives, we sit on the Workplace Health and Safety Committee (WPC). The WPC addresses health and safety issues. We work jointly with the company to provide them with recommendations to prevent injuries and illnesses. (Canada Labour Code, Part II, 135).
The Health Safety Chair sits on both the WPC and the Policy Committee (PC). The PC is made up of the Health and Safety Chairs of each base and employer representatives. It ensures there is health and safety policy consistency across the bases. (Canada Labour Code, Part II, 134.1).
We are governed by the Canada Labour Code (CLC), the Aviation Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (AOSH), and the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (COHS).

We are here to help you!

Canada Labour Code, Part II
Three Basic Rights of Workers in Canada:
1.Right to Know:
a.Right to be informed of known or likely hazards in the workplace.
2.Right to Participate:
a.Right to report hazards and suggest safe alternatives to the employer.
3.Right to Refuse:
a.Right to refuse dangerous work that could put your health and safety or your colleagues' at risk.

Duties of Employers:
"Every employer shall ensure that the health and safety at work of every person employed by the employer is protected," (Canada Labour Code, Part II, 124).

Duties of Employees:
"Use personal protective equipment;
"Follow health and safety procedures;
"Take reasonable precautions;
"Report hazards, incidents, and contraventions to the Canada Labour Code.
(Canada Labour Code, Part II, 126(1)(a)(b)(c)(g)(h)(j))

Pregnant and Nursing Employees
You can choose to cease your work duties if you are pregnant or nursing and you think that your health or that of your foetus' or your child's is at risk because of your work (Canada Labour Code, Part II, 132). For more details, take a look at your collective agreement and "From Here to Maternity ."

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