Equality Statement

Collective Agreement, By-Laws & CUPE National Documents

Reserve Handbook & Welcome Package

Grievance Documents


PBS Documents

WSIB (Workers’ Comp) Forms

Injury at Work - Step by Step

ACF 32-8 - Report an injury to the company
- You can also submit this document via ACaeronet->Safety->submit safety report/SIMS or via (SIMS.Aircanada.ca)

WSIB claim forms (formerly Workers Comp)

Occupational Health & Safety Documents

Injured at Work - see WSIB (worker's comp) section above

Right to Refuse Unsafe Work - send an empty email, you will receive an instant reply with instructions.

How to Report a Concern

Concern Form (ACF 32- Health & Safety Concern Form)

Global Cabin Air Quality Executive

Flight Attendant Drug Alcohol Program (FADAP)

Cosmic Radiation

Click here for CUPE Health & Safety Reports & Contacts

WIP Claim Forms & Return to Work Process

WIP Complete Application Package English (27Jul2023) -incl instructions

Calcuation of Benefits (2021)

WIP Benefits Booklet (Apr2022)

What is OHS entitled to?: Return to work after WIP (2021)

En Francais:

Ensemble de documents de demande PAS/WIP Francais (27jul2023) -incl instructions

Processus de Calcul (2021)

Livret de benefices PAS/WIP (avr2022)

Retour au travaille apres PAS (2021)


Return to Work Process- Rehab. Program

Return to Work- Bidding Eligibilty

Continuation of Coverage on LOA

Discount Programs & Good Life Deal

Maternity Documents

Compassionate Transfer

Commuter Policy, Crew Rest & Expense Info

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