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Unpaid Work Won't Fly!

Did you know flight attendants in Canada work for an average of 35 hours for free every month?

Because airlines don’t pay flight attendants for duties like assisting passengers with boarding, pre-flight safety checks, deplaning, and other delays, flight attendants spend nearly a full workweek every month working for free. Even though they’re on the job in uniform and taking responsibility for the safety and well-being of their passengers. In Canada in 2023.

Think that’s messed up? So do we. And our CEO doesn't think it is appropriate to comment on this. Add your voice to tell the federal government and the big airlines: unpaid work won’t fly!


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Monthly Block Bid Information

Block month of March 2024

Maximum Limitations 80 hours
Block Window:71:00 - 80:00

Training Bid opens 2 FEB 2024 @ 08:00
Training Bid closes 5 FEB 2024 @ 08:00
Trainig Award publish 6 FEB 2924 @23:00

PBS Block bid opens 9 FEB 2024 @ 00:01
PBS Block bid close 15 FEB 2024 @ 00;01
PBS Award publish 20 FEB 2024 @ 23:00

PBS contest open 20 FEB 2024 @ 23:00
PBS contest close 23 FEB 2024 @ 23:00
PBS contest publish 27 FEB 2024 @ 23:00

Official Publish to Netline 29 FEB 2024 @ 23:00

NEW EMAIL ADDRESS : pbsyyz@local4092.ca.

Please include your proper name, employee number, and a telephone number in your email so we may call you if needed.

Stay safe and healthy,

Claudia, Lynda, Lynne and Roger

Click here for PBS training videos.

Click here for the 2024 block months.

2024-2025 Vacation bid dates :

Round One : January 31 to February 14. 2024
Round Two; February 20 to March 5, 2024
Round Three: March 8 to March 15, 2024
Round Four : March 19 to March 26, 2024

On Board Crew Rest

You are entitled to take your onboard crew rest, even if this means altering the service, but be aware that crew rest is diffferent than a crew break. See our bulletins below.

Last Sold Seat Violation
Crew Bunk Kits December 2019
Local Bulletin
Crew Bunks
LOU 28 Flights

Please report to the Company and the union if you are unable to complete service and/ or schedule sufficient crew rest on long range flights. Please give us a schedule of how long the service took and and any further details on flight, such as equipment failures that prolonged service, turblence, passenger issues, medicals, crew complement, etc.

Under the terms of the Collective Agreement you are entitled to an additional 30 minutes crew rest on board LOU18 & 22 flights only. (See LOU 60 for detailed contract language)

Once bidding is closed, the Company cannot for any reason change the designated Article/LOU
All the conditions (such as onboard rest, duty day limitations, crew complement, layover rest period etc.) of the designated Article/LOU apply to the entire pairing**
There are two possible onboard rest periods for LOU18 and LOU22A/B flights. The duty day for each flight will determine the onboard rest period

** For greater clarity regarding onboard rest: if a pairing has been designated as LOU22B (for example YVR- DEL-YVR) the negotiated onboard rest periods for LOU22B shall apply to both the outbound and the return flights.

Scheduled flight time 11:30 or greater are entitled to 2 hours crew rest

LOU 18 flights:
duty periods under 14h59 are entitled to a minimum of 2 ½ hrs on board crew rest
duty periods from 15 hrs to 16h15 are entitled to 4 hrs.

LOU 22A flights:
duty periods from 16h16 -17h10 are entitled to 4 hrs on board crew rest
duty periods from 17h11 - 18h00 are entitled to 4 ½ hrs.

LOU 22B flights:
scheduled duty period between 18:01-18:45 are entitled to 5 hours on board crew rest
scheduled duty period between 18:46- to 19:20 are entitiled to 5 1/2 hours on board crew rest

Meal breaks are to be taken separately from the on board crew rest.
The Company will designate the longe range flying article or LOU on a monthly basis before bidding closes. You can verify the designated article/LOU of each long range pairing in Aeronet:->Crew scheduling & planning ->Bidding tools and information ->Monthly duty summary or ->Monthly "whats new"

LOU 61 - A330/A321XLR Crew Rest Seats - January 2024 Block Month

(This applies to AC Mainline only)

For the block month of January 2024, the following flights fall under LOU 61 and are scheduled for A330 aircraft. They will have 2 (two) dedicated crew rest seats:

What if these flights operate on B777/787 aircraft?
LOU 61 is specific to the A330/A321XLR aircraft, and not applicable to the B777/787. The B777/787 has crew bunks that may be used for crew rest/break purposes.
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