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Union Officials can’t make changes alone. We need you to let us know when things go wrong. We know complaining on social media makes us feel better in the moment but if you want to see change you need to send in an official report. We need details of the who, what, when, where, why and how. There are many forms available for various situations, such as ACF34-C, Crew Care, Health and Safety Forms, and AQD....

Just another friendly reminder that your YYZ union office is open and available to deal with your concerns 5 days a week, please call us for the most rapid reponse to your issue. Monday to Friday our hours are 9-5 pm, You can email us anytime at office@local4092.ca or call (905) 676-4293. When you contact us directly, we will be able to assess the situation and advise you of your rights and the proper course of action in order to resolve your issue in the most expedient manner. Social media is not an efficient way to inform us of your concerns and public airing of your issues may cause more harm than good. Reach out to us first.

Upcoming Events

Monthly Block Bid Information

Min 71 and Max 80
Jan is from Jan 1 to Jan 31 (31 day block month)

Training bid opens Dec 2nd at 08:00
Training bid closes Dec 11th at 08:00
Bid assist Dec 2nd from 10:00 to 15:00

Looking Ahead
Bids Open Dec 11th @ 00:01
Bids Closes Dec 17th @ 00:01

Dec 24 - Christmas eve (Tuesday)
Dec 25 - Christmas day (Wednesday)
Dec 26- Boxing day (Thursday)
Dec 31 -New Year’s Eve (Tuesday)
Jan 1- New Year’s Day (Wednesday) new block month

During training bid assistance, you may send us an email at pbsyyz@gmail.com

On Board Crew Rest

You are entitled to take your onboard crew rest, even if this means altering the service, but be aware that crew rest is diffferent than a crew break. See our bulletins below.

LOU 51 Crew Seats December 2019

Crew Rest Committee Long Range Duty day Limits and Crew Rest
Local Bulletin
Component Bulletin
Crew Rest Guide & Sleepwear Provisions
Crew Bunks
December Crew Rest Guide

Please report to the Company and the union if you are unable to complete service and/ or schedule sufficient crew rest on long range flights. Please give us a schedule of how long the service took and and any further details on flight, such as equipment failures that prolonged service, turblence, passenger issues, medicals, crew complement, etc.

Under the terms of the Collective Agreement you are entitled to an additional 30 minutes crew rest on board LOU18 & 22 flights only. (See LOU 60 for detailed contract language)

Scheduled flight time 11:30 or greater are entitled to 2 hours crew rest

LOU 18 flights:
duty periods under 14h59 are entitled to a minimum of 2 ½ hrs on board crew rest
duty periods from 15 hrs to 16h15 are entitled to 4 hrs.

LOU 22A flights:
duty periods from 16h16 -17h10 are entitled to 4 hrs on board crew rest
duty periods from 17h11 - 18h00 are entitled to 4 ½ hrs.

LOU 22B flights:
scheduled duty period between 18:01-18:45 are entitled to 5 hours on board crew rest
scheduled duty period between 18:46- to 19:20 are entitiled to 5 1/2 hours on board crew rest

Meal breaks are to be taken separately from the on board crew rest.

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